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If you want to learn something about photography, here are few good websites that provide interesting and helpful information.

  • Digital Photography School – tips and articles for photography enthusiasts. Many interesting howto’s and tutorials for taking pictures and┬ápost-processing┬áthem.
  • Master Photographers – great list of famous photography masters with examples of their work and stories behind the scenes
  • DPreview.com – probably the best website with reviews of digital photography equipment
  • Dan Heller – one photographer who travels around the world and is a great inspiration to me (I came to like him after seeing his Star Trails)
  • Yann Arthus-Bertrand – famous French photographer and director of the movie HOME. You might never actually take an aerial photography, but you will surely enjoy these
Update: I am actually looking now into photography a bit more from the commercial point of view. Luckily, photography can be used on business cards designs.

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